Discover our creation and design offer

Discover our creation and design offer


Need a logo? Graphic design services are available in our store!

It is now possible to order a graphic design service, carried out by a graphic design agency partner, directly on the VeryGames store.

In direct contact with a professional graphic designer, you describe your needs, for a 100% satisfied result, at exceptional prices.


You can choose one of the 3 packs available:

A quality logo, realized on a 72dpi. resolution, with an average delivery delay of 3 working days only.


A quality logo (72dpi.), includind a mascot or an iconography creation work, and two final renders with a variation of differents colors.

The Gold pack include the Silver pack but with a very high (300dpi.) resolution, suitable for printing, and a high definition 3D render. A set of 3 banners is also included (Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter formats).


Discover several examples and our graphic design service store.