VeryGames offers a Game CMS: a website, hosted and customizable

Two offers are available: 

  • A GamesCMS free

This offer is renewable for free, each month, without any duration limitation.
You will find the list of the features in the table below. 


  • A GameCMS Premium
  • Minecraft module as an option.

You can add a Minecraft module includes exclusive features for Minecraft servers: 

  • multi-server Management
  • secure JSONApi connections
  • multi-votes system on Minecraft top lists and votes verification
  • management of vote timing on different Minecraft top lists
  • custom players rewards system and commands execution
  • per day and per week votes statistics
  • connected players count in real time on the homepage
  • personalization of the voting page
  • VIP help to configure the module on the GameCMS forum

You can see a summary tableau of the difference between this two offers: