Happy new year

Happy new year


I wish you all, and on behalf of the VeryGames staff, a happy new year 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about us, the VeryGames company. 
We spent this year the milestone of 10 years of existence and an event that I was waiting for a long time has finally produced: the launch of the new VeryGames website ( www.verygames.net ). 
Nearly four long and frustrating years of work were necessary. 
As long as the website was not online, we could not exploit the fruits of this work, of this investment. 
Meanwhile, internal human resources allocated to the previous version of the website were left very reduced, can pretend a lack of overall innovation, which was not the case. 

This pure investment period has now passed since October 27, 2014, the day of the launch of the new website. I can already say that the new offers have lot of success, including Farming Simulator 15 and TeamSpeak 3, we know we made the right choices.
Technical and technological differences between the two versions are such that it is not possible to perform migration of existing accounts or services and therefore we will leave both versions run in parallel, for a few months. It is therefore necessary to re-register in order to be customer of new offers. 

The new website is complete and robustnew panelnew featuresnew payment solutions, new shop .... all services are protected by the most powerful anti-ddos of the market, included in the price. We are also open for the first time in North American region, with the latest generation of hardware on site. 
Above all, this new base is ready to welcome our future innovations for the next few years. 

Because actually the best is yet to come! The power of the tools we developed will be felt over the months, with the release of new products including new features and also via other surprises :) 

The next products under development are the highly anticipated Minecraft and Mumble ULL servers.

This new year promises to be very exciting. We look forward to introduce these new products.

This message is also for me the opportunity to congratulate my staff for their hard work and especially for the quality of the result. 

Also thank you to you for your loyalty to VeryGames. We strive every day to return the favor by offering high quality of service and a staff at your disposal. 

I invite you to follow us on social networks, to be informed of the latest news, new products, contests, updates ... 

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The new VeryGames website: https://www.verygames.net

Kind regards, 

Johann Thiesson, founder